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Translation notarization

Notarization of translation include a notarization of the copy of the original document (in approved by Ministry of Justice cases) and certification of signature of the translator who performed the translation of the document and signed the translation by seal of the notary.

According to Ukrainian law, only a translation performed by a professional certified translator can be notarized.

Expert translation centre  provides the following services of translation notarization:

  • Notarization of translation correctness
  • Notarization of photocopy correctness
  • The presence of an interpreter in a notary's office

Notarization procedure 

Translation is filed to the original document or a copy of it (pre-notarized); on the last page of the translation a translator in the presence of a notary signes his name. Thus, the translator ensures that the translation corresponds to the content of the original document. Notary puts his stamp on the last page of translation and this way confirms the authenticity of the translator's signature and skills, which are guaranteed by documents of higher linguistic education. These data are recorded in the register of the notary. 

Requirements of the translation agency for documents for notarization

  • Original documents or notarized copies need be provided.
  • Corporate documents of foreign origin (charters, articles of incorporation, contracts, etc.) can be notarized only when have the apostille or legalization stamp, putted by the Consular Section of the Embassy of the appropriate country in Ukraine.
  • All documents must have all the necessary signatures, stamps and affixed dates.
  • According to art. 16 of "Instructions on notarial acts performed by notaries of Ukraine", it is not allowed to notarize translations of documents that have corrections or additional notes, crossed out words and documents, the text of which can not be read due to damage, or written using pencil. Additions, crossed out words or other editing in the documents must be certified by the authorized signature and stamp of the issuing agency.


Cost of service of notarized translation varies depending on the language, speed of work, etc. To check the price of the service, please contact us by any means convenient for you: using the form on our web site at Contacts page, by phone or e-mail. You are also welcome to our office.


If your document for some reason does not meet the requirements of the law, and cannot be notarized, we can certificate a translation with the translation centre stamp.

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