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Certification with the translation centre stamp

Expert Translation Centre in Kiev offers a service of certification with the translation centre stamp.

When a certification with the translation centre stamp is needed?

Notarization is possible only for the legally correct documents, so the notary cannot notarize instructions, correspondence, unsigned contract or non-official documents that were issued abroad.

Certification of the document with the seal (stamp) of the translation agency means that translation is performed by specialists and meets all the requirements and standards of translations.

The procedure of a certification with the translation centre stamp

A format of certification of the translation with the stamp of the translation agency is similar to a format of a notarization by the notary. A complete translation is filed to the original document (or to the copy of the document); the reverse side of the translation has stamps with the indication of original and target languages ​​of translation, number of stitched and numbered pages. The translation is certified with the translation agency wet stamp and signature of the responsible person (interpreter, manager or director of the translation centre), which confirms the correctness of the translation.

Thus, you get a document certified with stamps, which indicate that the translation is made in accordance with the required standards and regulations.

If you need to send a translation via fax or e-mail, we can put a stamp and signature directly on the page with the translation, but not stitch the translation to the document.

What is important when certify the translation with the translation centre stamp?

Certification of the document with the seal (stamp) of the translation agency confirms the quality of the translation, which was performed by qualified professionals, but it does not confirm compliance of the document with current legislation and loyalty of the facts stated in the document.

Sometimes the translation certified by the stamp of the translation agency is not enough for the authorities, such as the Register office, Tax office, Visa and Registration for Foreigners Office, etc. They usually require notarization of the translation. To know exactly which kind of certification is needed in your case, you need to ask the organization that requires this document. We can only recommend from our personal experience.


If you need to notarize the translated document, we are pleased to offer service of notarized translation.


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