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Why do I need to translate the website into foreign languages?

In recent years, Internet is a leader in the field of placing of advertisement, and the company's website is an important factor in attracting new customers, a powerful tool to promote products or services and receive the profits.

If your customers include not only Russian-speaking users, you should seriously think about translating the website into other languages. If the company’s website is translated into a foreign language, it enables your potential customers to find information about you, services and products you offer. That is why the translation of the website into foreign languages is an urgent need for many companies today, and its quality will determine your success.


Which languages ​​to translate the website into?

The most popular today is to translate the website into English, German, French, Chinese languages. However, you should not think that the translation of the website into popular languages ​is an approach that is equally effective in all cases. In total about 1 billion Internet users do not speak English. That is why if your website is created in English only, and you want to sell products that relate to the world market, you lose a significant share of the market.


Choosing the languages ​​for translation of your company’s website, first of all, you need to focus on the most attractive market for you. In which country it is located? If it is, for example, Spain, the website need be translated into Spanish and only after it - in English. Despite the fact, that today, more and more people speak English, every person perceives the information better if it is presented in his native language. If the Spaniard has the opportunity to view your website in Spanish, he will certainly make it more carefully, view more pages, because the reading in the native language is less tiring, and the information is much better absorbed and stored. According to statistics from Forrester Research, if the website has a version in their native language, users visit the website twice more often (that doubles the ratings), and buy goods  four times more active ( ).


When translating the website into foreign languages ​​should also pay attention to the number of Internet users in different countries: the first place is for China today, the second – America, and after them you can find Japan, India, Germany and Brazil, France, Italy.


Translation of the websites and news in Expert Translation Centre

Do not forget that the translation of the website into the language of the country in which you want to find new customers is a valuable investment in yourself and your business.


If you need to translate the website into a foreign language, please contact the Expert Translation Centre, we do it professionally. Our experts will translate your website into needed languages. If you have suggestions for the use of key words, we will consider them when translating the website in order the website promotion to be most effective.


In addition, we also offer quick translation of news for your website. If you publish news about your company and your industry's activities on the website, this information may be interesting for your foreign partners. We will translate news for your website in a foreign language quickly and efficiently, according to your wishes.


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