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Financial and economic translation

Today, financial and economic translation, as well as legal translation, is one of the most popular services at the translation market. To translate correctly economic texts, translator must not only be fluent in the foreign language, but also be aware of the theory of economic knowledge, of a peculiarity of written statement of the public financial documents, as well as to know the basic requirements for financial reporting in different countries.


Properly executed economic translation is an integral part of a successful foreign trade. Professionalism and reliability of the partner can be estimated through the quality of such translation. An important aspect is that the banking and financial documents are documents of strict accountability, and the specificity of the information, contained in such documents, is an additional responsibility for the translator. That's why a translator, who translates economic text, should have increased thoroughness and attention to details, high level language skills and be familiar with needed terminology. After all, even the smallest error in the economic translation can lead to very serious consequences.


Specialists of Expert Translation Centre have all the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of economic translation and interpretation, which allows us to carry out this type of translation (interpretation) at the highest level, following all international rules and standards of translation of economic texts.

We are happy to perform for you:

  • Translation of the contract
  • Translation of the business plan
  • Translation of the financial statement
  • Translation of the accounting report
  • Translation of the annual account
  • Translation of the financial and corporate reporting
  • Translation of the marketing research
  • Translation of the auditor's conclusion
  • Translation of the banking documents
  • Translation of the tender documents
  • Translation of the educational and scientific economic literature
  • Translation of the publications and articles on economic topics
  • Translation of the economic calculations


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