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Translation of documents to be submitted to an embassy

To issue a requested visa, practically each embassy (or visa application centre) requires translation for a set of documents for issuing the visa. EXPERT Translation Centre has been working in this area for quite a long time rendering qualitative services in translation of documents for embassies and consulates. Our translators know all about the requirements for preparation and standards of translation of documents for issuance of a visa.     


As practice shows, to obtain a visa most often translation of the following documents is required:


  • Translation of a passport
  • Translation of a diploma, a certificate of secondary education with supplements
  • Translation of an identification number card
  • Translation of a certificate of employment, a certificate of enrollment
  • Translation of a bank reference (on position of accounts etc.)
  • Translation of a birth certificate
  • Translation of a marriage certificate
  • Translation of a divorce certificate
  • Translation of a police clearance certificate
  • Translation of a consent letter for a child to go abroad
  • Translation of a pension certificate
  • Translation of a driving license and a registration certificate


Translation of documents for issuance of a visa is made into English or into the language of that country where you are going to go to. Please be aware that some embassies and visa application centres require the documents translated for issuance of a visa to be certified by the seal of a translation agency or by a notary. We render both services – certification by the seal of the translation agency and notarial certification of the translation of documents for issuance of a visa.    

EXPERT Translation Centre always performs translation and certification of documents in a qualitative and timely manner.


It is important to remember that pursuant to the Law of Ukraine the inscription by the notary shall be made in Ukrainian.

In this case, if necessary and at the client’s request, our managers will translate the certifying inscription by the notary into the required language.  


We have hundreds of translated for embassies, consulates and visa application centres sets of documents under our belt. We are working to save your time.


Contact us and we will perform translation of documents for you in a professional manner and within the shortest possible period of time.


To obtain information and to order translation of documents for embassies, please call us at +38-044-361-93-65.

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