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Translation of documents and business correspondence

Business area is one of the most rapidly developing fields of human activity today. More and more people are involved in business relations in the sphere of foreign economic activity. International operations always include documents and correspondence, authors and receivers of which speak different languages. The motto of our company is "communicate easy", and we are happy to help you and your partners to understand each other.


Peculiarities of Business Translation

Main features of business translation include strict regulations and standard language clichés. To translate the agreement, contract or any other business document, a translator need not only be fluent in the foreign language, but also know rules of business writing, rules of using of established clichés and turns of speech, as well as to remember about their peculiarities in different countries, have skills of business etiquette.


What is important for business translation?

  • The accuracy of the facts and the correct terminology selection.
  • Translation of all seals and stamps is necessary.
  • A lot of terms ​​have synonyms in different languages and can be translated using different words. But it does not mean that one of the translators made a mistake. If you need to translate documents which contain specific terminology, and you have translated such texts before, you can discuss a list of terms with our manager during ordering translation services. This will prevent the occurrence of differences in the terminology in translated document and your previous documentation and will preserve the logical line in correspondence with your business partners.
  • In some cases, the documentation may be difficult to read, contain a number of difficult-to-understand terms, but the translator is not allowed to make any changes in the text. On the other hand, if the translation is intended for internal use of the company, on request, we can perform a restyling of the document in order to make it easier to understand. Of course, such a correction is carried out without changing of the document’s meaning.
  • It is important to translate names in a right way when translating documents and business correspondence. For instance, the smallest difference in letters of surname or name in the passport may become a problem in organization which receives such documents. And if you write the name wrong in business correspondence, your partner may get offended. That may leave a bad feeling between participants of correspondence and influence the future cooperation.


In our work we always use an individual approach to every client; therefore, when receiving your documents for translation our manager will take an interest, what is the purpose of the translation, which way to translate names, terms, and other important information. And it's not just a curiosity! It affects the quality of translation, and it is very important for us to provide you with quality service.


Specialists of Expert Translation Centre are professionals in their field of work and will perform classically correct translation of any text from and into the foreign language and with full confidentiality. We will be happy to contribute to making your bargain and to fruitful cooperation of your company with foreign partners!


Translation of standard documents

Sometimes we need to translate a small document, which is less than one page - when going on a tourist trip, sending documents to the embassy or obtaining documents for study abroad. For such cases our company put to use a flexible system of discounts for translation of standard documents. The cost of translation of standard document you can check in the third column of our price list.


If you have any questions about this service, don’t hesitate to contact us through the feedback form online or by phone, e-mail, which are specified at the Contacts page.

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