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Technical translation

Technical translation involves a work with highly specialized texts, research articles, technical manuals or other technical documentation as well as with textbooks and handbooks. It is difficult to overestimate the value of technical translations, because they promote the spread of knowledge and technology we use every day. The most striking and simple example of technical translation is a manual for home appliances at our home and office.


Basic requirements to quality technical translation include accuracy of terminology, clarity, logic and complete identity of translation to the meaning of original text. That is why technical translation is the prerogative of specialists, who are not only fluent in a foreign language and professional terminology, but are experts in one of the technical fields. Technical translator starts with a good understanding of the subject and nature of technical issues.


Process of the technical translation

The process of technical translation includes several steps:

1. research of information on the subject and firsthand view of latest technologies and inventions in this field;

2. receipt of the original documentation in the target language, reading for firsthand acquaintance with the material and understanding of it;

3. translation of material into needed language remembering about terminology and integrity of the document;

4. proofreading and editing of the translation;

5. processing or editing of a document if necessary, including changes  of the format or adding images.


Technical translation is very difficult. That is why when using services of an interpreter ask him (her) about his (her) experience in this field of translation.

Specialists of Expert Translation Centre have a high level of skills for providing quality translation services of technical direction.


We are happy to perform for you:

  • translation of the equipment manual
  • translation of the equipment description
  • translation of specification
  • translation of drawing
  • translation of project documentation
  • translation of manuals and descriptions for industrial and household appliances
  • translation of scientific and  technical texts


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