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Legal translation

Legal translation is the translation of texts, documents and other materials related to the field of law and used for the exchange of legal information between people who speak different languages. Legal translation is not an easy task because the law is a subject area related to the socio-political and cultural features of the country. Extremely important things for such a translation include exact wording and familiarity with the legal nuances.


Translation of legal documents should be performed only by a professional translator who specializes in legal translations. Typically, such a translator has a juridical education or, at least, a considerable experience in translation of legal texts and official documents.


We are happy to perform for you:

  • translation of laws and regulations, as well as their projects
  • translation of agreements (contracts)
  • translation of legal opinions and memoranda
  • translation of apostilles
  • translation and notarial certificates
  • translation of constituent documents of legal entities
  • translation of powers of attorney
  • translation of licenses and certificates


Difficulties of legal translation

When carry out a legal translation translators often face the phenomenon of terminological gaps or the lack of appropriate lexical equivalents in the target language. That is why the task of the translator is to find structures in the target language with functions similar to functions of the structures in the source language. It is very important to use a properly fitted standard for legal texts clichés and correctly make up a document.




Legal translation is a very important task, and an error or inaccuracy in the translation of the text of the contract can lead to material damage or to judicial proceedings. That is why if you need to order legal translation, trust only reliable translation agencies which have a good reputation.

If you need a competent translation of a legal document, Expert translation centre is ready to perform it to you. Our personnel include professionals who have extensive knowledge not only in language but also in legal matters.


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