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Certified translator services at the notary

There are situations when a certified translator must be present for various notarial acts at the notary's office.


When does the notary's office need an interpreter?

  • You execute a power of attorney from a foreign citizen or vice versa.
  • You sign a bilingual contract and certify it by a notary.
  • You need to make a notarial document for a foreigner who does not speak Russian or Ukrainian.
  • You need to register a corporate charter, in the founding of which foreign entities or individuals are involved.
  • You need to enter into or terminate a contract with a foreign entity.
  • You need a certified translation.


Why does a translator have to be present at the notary?

The presence of a certified translator at the notary during the registration of such documents is necessary because common language knowledge is not enough for the notary (even if you personally can speak it at a high level). Interpreter’s qualification is to be approved. A translator’s diploma for higher professional education serves as proof of it.

Only a certified translator is entitled to make a translation and to confirm its precision by his signature. Certified translations can be done both orally as well as in a written form.


Where to find a translator to be present at the notary?

The Expert Translation Center is happy to provide assistance in such a situation.

We have spent a lot of time to find qualified translators, so we will gladly provide you with our translator to be present at the notary for interpretation or translation and certification of accuracy of the translation.


Working conditions and payment service of an interpreter’s presence at the notary

Sometimes the presence of an interpreter at the notary takes several hours but sometimes only 10-15 minutes. The service of interpreter’s attendance at the notary comes out according to the price list of interpretation. This means that payment is calculated hourly. However, please, be aware that the minimum order for such a translation is 2 hours. This is due to the fact that an interpreter will spend certain time not only to interpret at the notary: the way to the notary and back will also take some time.


Our special offer for the service of a certified interpreter at the notary

If you legalize notarial acts with our notary, who is close to our office, separate pricings are valid for the service of a certified translator at the notary. In this case, we will provide you with our staff interpreter, and the minimum order will not be 2 hours but only one hour.

If you order a notarized translation in our Translation Centre, there are individual prices for it. In this case there is no need to order separately the service of interpreter’s presence. You can bring your documents to our office and pick up a ready-notarized translation of the documents. For details, see the “Translation notarization” section.


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