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Interpreting services in Kiev

If you are expecting for an official event, negotiations, business or friendly meeting with foreign partners, a trip to another country on business or for tourist purposes, then most likely you will need services of an interpreter.

Let's have it clarified, there are two types of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive interpretation is when you say a phrase or a few sentences and give the interpreter some time to translate the above for your companion and vice versa. See the “Consecutive interpretation” section to find more information about consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation involves interpreting simultaneously with speaking. For more details see the “Simultaneous interpretation” section.


The Expert Translation Centre will gladly provide you with the interpreting services in Kiev:

  • Interpretation at seminars
  • Interpretation at business meetings
  • Interpretation at negotiations
  • Interpretation at exhibitions
  • Interpretation at conferences
  • Interpretation at official events
  • Interpretation in Kiev in the course of notarial acts.


Object Language

The Expert Translation Centre provides interpreting services from / into over 20 languages of the world. We perform oral translations from English, French, German, Chinese, Polish, Italian and other languages. We work only with high-qualified translators. Most of our professionals passed training in the country whose language they were studying, and they specialize in a certain area of various fields of science, technology, business and economics. That's why we use an individual approach to a client, choosing for each specific case a specialist who will be most efficient in this particular specifity and for the needed language.


Terms of Cooperation

Please provide our manager with the information about the object language, subject, time and venue, and the approximate duration of interpretation, and we will choose a high-qualified interpreter to help you to negotiate with a foreign partner, to sign a contract or to settle down personal affairs.


We will inform you about the cost of the service and choose an interpreter who fully meets your requirements.


It is desirable to provide some materials on the subject of interpretation. After all, not all the vocabulary of a foreign language is used in everyday life, and in order to be optimally prepared for interpreting, an interpreter needs first to prepare for the meeting.


To order the interpreting services please contact us by tel. +38(044)361-93-65. Our managers will advise you on all issues and place the order.

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