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Technical interpreting

The Expert Translation Centre offers the service of technical interpreting.

Basic requirements to quality technical translation include accuracy of terminology, clarity, logic and complete identity of translation to the meaning of original text. That is why technical translation is the prerogative of specialists, who are not only fluent in a foreign language and professional terminology, but are experts in one of the technical fields. Technical translator starts with a good understanding of the subject and nature of technical issues.


Our services of technical interpreting  include:

  • technical interpreting at exhibitions;
  • technical interpreting at meetings and negotiations;
  • technical interpreting at conferences on technical subjects;
  • technical interpreting during installation and adjustment of foreign equipment;
  • technical interpreting during business trips abroad at factories and various enterprises.


We will match for you a qualified technical interpreter of English, French, German, Chinese, Italian or Spanish. We test specialists on a regular basis and perform a selection of the best technical interpreters.


When ordering the technical interpreting service, please provide us with following information:

  • object languages and subject of technical interpreting;
  • time and place of the event which needs technical interpreting;
  • data for a translator to prepare (company brochures, website materials, etc.).


If you are interested in this service, and you would like to receive high-quality results, call us now and we will choose for you an experienced specialist in the field of technical interpreting!

+38 ( 044) 361-93-65.

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